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International brands go beyond selling products and services. Their essence lies in opening minds and changing attitudes.

Change is not often sparked through explanations. Fortunately, better ways exist.

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While the allure of self-expression, creativity, and desirability can be captivating, it's crucial not to lose sight of a brand's fundamental purpose. Beyond the dazzle, a brand must have the power to be instantly seen, recognized, and set apart from the rest.


For a brand to be memorable, its identity should not only be distinctive but also work seamlessly across all media, adapt to various applications, and resonate with different cultures.

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Especially with disruptive innovations, the benefits of products aren't always easily explainable or immediately apparent. 


In such cases, creating a unique appeal through branding can inspire people to explore and discover the benefits firsthand. 


By crafting an irresistible allure around your brand, we invite individuals to not only understand but desire the transformative experiences and advantages your innovations offer.


For companies aiming for market leadership, branding is an effective way to increase the efficiency of marketing. 


Communications are more effective if branded correctly. Strong, distinctive brand assets increase visibility, memorability, and perceptual presence, and help lift the brand to top-of-mind status. 

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As a company gains social significance, the role of its brand shifts from a marketing tool into a powerful instrument of leadership. 


A brand becomes the catalyst for building soft power, fostering a sense of ownership among all stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and inspiring horizontal networks, ecosystems, and communities.


At this stage of interconnected influence, a brand doesn’t just convey values but becomes a driving force for positive change. 

Global impact

Global relevance is more than a key to exponential growth: it also empowers a company to fulfill its purpose—instigating positive change, catalyzing market and societal transformations, and leaving a lasting impact. 


Impact on an international scale is expedited through a clear and deliberate global brand strategy. 


A strategically developed global recognition enables a company to make a profound impact worldwide, leaving an enduring legacy in the hearts and minds of broad audiences.

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Cultural icons

Some brands rise above their categories, evolving into bearers of universal values and timeless narratives.


These brands exist in a league of their own, essentially without competition, as their destiny is shaped by their own ability to stay in tune with the social trends.


Traditionally, iconic brands emerged organically over time, navigating through trials and errors, and being helped along with a touch of luck.

Today, we have the tools to purposefully design and guide a brand's journey, significantly enhancing its potential to become an icon that writes its own compelling history.

Everyone has their own path forward

From local spark to global glow, we're here to guide you through every stage of international expansion. 

Whether you're a startup, an exporter breaking borders, or a global icon making waves, we tailor our expertise to to meet your unique branding needs, one stage at a time.

Global identity

A global brand requires a unified, recognizable image worldwide.

International adaptations

International adaptations tailor brands to diverse cultures, ensuring global resonance.

Provenance branding

The country of origin can be more relevant than the brand name to customers.

Branding systems

Brand systems define principles and practices that unify user experiences.

Mergers & acquisitions

LM&A branding unifies identities for a seamless transition, leveraging strengths.

International brand

International brand strategy optimizes diverse brands for coherence and market impact.

International corporate brands

As international companies prioritize social responsibility, the emphasis is shifting from marketing to corporate branding.

License brands

In case of licensing and franchising the brand value is essential.

Location brands

In case of licensing and franchising the brand value is essential.

Heritage brands

Heritage brands market cultural values and therefore require a different approach.

Iconic brands

Crafting iconic brands ensures excellence and enduring cultural impact.

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