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If you do it, do it right.


Branding doesn’t always result in a brand.


In a local context, the distinction might not matter. In international markets, this is a difference between lasting impact and a missed opportunity.

When engaging in branding, ensure it truly matters.

Deutsche Telekom
Thai Airways

Born to be global


Born to be global.

How to transform a national telecom into an international leader in mobile communications? By choosing the right color.


Beyond excellence.

T-Mobile distinguished itself with exceptional solutions, ultra-modern CRM systems, and a novel approach to product presentation. Yet, in the global arena, excellence is the norm; even top quality does not ensure success. To stand out, international brands must not only excel—they must be original.



Signature moves.

From early on, T-Mobile strategically developed its brand to enhance its prospects for successful domestic market penetration and subsequent international expansion. Strategic decisions, focused on impact, guided the selection of brand elements; this led to choices that were untypical for the industry, even shocking. Yet, the managers’ goals were clear: high recognition and memorability. Highly visible signature elements ensured effective communication and a swift top-of mind status; they were also easily adaptable to the diverse demands and infrastructures of various markets.


The color of leadership.

The unique and bold color scheme, underpinned by a versatile design system, enabled T-Mobile to conquer the world.

From innovation to global icon


The revolution.

Nestlé, the world's leading food manufacturer, is renowned for its infant nutrition products and a wide range of dairy and non-dairy items. It's also celebrated for its flagship instant coffee brand, Nescafé. By introducing innovative home-brewing espresso technology, Nestlé ventured into the premium coffee segment with Nespresso, quickly establishing it as a benchmark for exceptional coffee quality and luxury taste.


The art of branding.

When introducing groundbreaking products, effective branding is crucial. The product name, logo, and packaging play key roles in building relevance, earning consumer trust, and generating appeal for a new product category that consumers might not initially recognize or consider necessary.


Packaging with purpose. 

Given that the strategy was driven by the product itself, special emphasis was placed on packaging. The packaging concept was so effective that it became the foundation for the entire Nespresso retail experience.


Setting the global standard.

Through thoughtful branding, Nespresso has not only achieved synonymity with high-quality, upscale coffee but has also set a global standard in the industry.

Changing perceptions

Thai Airways International

Outdated design, modern challenges. 

Once a leading airline in Southeast Asia, Thai Airways gradually lost ground to its competitors. Despite boasting a fleet operated by skilled pilots and equipped with modern technology, its outdated 1960s design failed to capture the essence of the airline, nor did it express Thailand’s rich and dynamic culture, a critical aspect of its unique value proposition. 

Embracing the six senses.

Recognizing the need for transformation, Thai Airways initiated efforts to refresh its brand, seeking to align public perception with the airline's vision and Thailand's cultural richness. At the heart of this effort was the embrace of the Thai concept of Six Senses, reflecting mindfulness, spirituality, and holistic well-being. This philosophy became the foundation of Thai Airways' rebranding strategy.



Beyond aesthetics.

The rebranding initiative was comprehensive, touching every aspect of the customer journey. It aimed to infuse a sense of Thai warmth, hospitality, and attentiveness into all service touchpoints, from the moment passengers enter the iconic Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to their in-flight experience. The updated design of Thai Airways carefully balances contemporary style and traditional themes, using colors, textures, and motifs reflective of Thai culture. 



This transformation reflected a broader ambition to bridge the gap between the airline’s rich heritage and the demands of contemporary aviation, positioning Thai Airways as a carrier that celebrates its cultural roots while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the modern era.

Everywhere for everyone

Swiss Post

Rising to the challenge.

As a 'service public' entity, the Swiss Post has long been a cornerstone of daily life of society, a fact not always evident to the general public. Confronted with intensifying international competition in the logistics sector, the Swiss Post set out to highlight its comprehensive services, expansive infrastructure, and commitment to all citizens. 


A vision in color.

An effective way to achieve that goal was to unify the many scattered touchpoints with one strong and distinctive color. This visual strategy made the Post instantly omnipresent and effortlessly highlighted its broad range of services. We also deployed the Post’s vast transportation network across roads and rails transforming it into moving billboards. Enriched with compelling messages in three languages, it helped amplify visibility and inspire engagement.


The heart of daily life.

Through these initiatives, the use of simple visual elements proved to be an extraordinarily effective tactic, capturing the Swiss Post's essence: an indispensable, omnipresent force committed to serving its citizens.