International branding,


Where you come from is as important as where you’re going.

International branding has different needs than local markets. It requires a change of perspective, and a fresh outlook on the world. 

Many of its issues are common to all brands, regardless of where they come from. Others are country-specific, especially in Switzerland. Here, Swiss brands face unique brand traditions and cultures that aren’t shared by brands from other countries (such as Swissness legislation, for one). 


Our extensive global experience enables us to build successful international Swiss brands. From our offices in Zurich, we focus on both origin and destination markets and cultures when we develop brand strategies and design solutions for Swiss exporters. 

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International branding,

for the big and the small

It’s the substance that matters,
not the size.

The work shown here represents a few of our current clients, as well as legacy projects developed at leading global branding agencies. 

Our area of expertise is international branding. It encompasses different types of brands, for companies big and small, in all business sectors, in Switzerland and in many different parts of the world.


Whether working for big brands, start-ups, or spin-offs, we enjoy building international brands.

Industry Sectors:

Thai Airways
Bank Austria
Korean Air
Fuji Film

International branding,

fit for purpose

We like to work smart
instead of working endlessly.

International brand management can be much more complex than managing a single brand in a single market. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. Our goal is to accommodate the realities of the export business and bring clarity to its complexity, while not oversimplifying it.


We use different approaches for different types of brands. Some brands need pragmatism, while others require a more complex, multi-disciplinary approach. Some move a product to become a brand; others are transformational and redefine markets and industries. And some may just need to be authentically defined, not merely decorated with a national flag. 


We help evaluate your current situation, define strategic options, and — when needed — develop a custom brand and design system that can be implemented to international standards everywhere.  


Based on world-class knowledge and global best practices, we aim at realistic and tangible results.



International branding,

with a global team

We offer seniority
and cultural competence. 


We’ve lived and worked in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and Asia. We’re multinationals, with multicultural backgrounds, and with a strong connection to Switzerland and its culture.

International team:

We’ve worked with each other for decades, across many different countries and cultures. Together, we helped build and shape some of the world’s leading and iconic brands.

> Team

Industry’s pioneers:

Edwin Schmidheiny, the founder of Accent, has more than 30 years of branding experience at the world’s top agencies. During the course of his career, he’s been fortunate to work with the biggest names and pioneers in the field.

Specialist partners: 

We’ve established strategic partnerships with other complimenting agencies. And we work with many specialists in different disciplines for extended services, including advertising, public relations, brand performance, and retail design.


> Saul Bass

> Walter Landor

> Jörg Zintzmeyer

San Francisco

Located in Zurich,

at home in the world

We appreciate your interest
in Accent. 


If you have any questions or requests regarding our services, please call us, or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.


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