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We are an international brand agency creating brands that go beyond their categories and become part of people’s lives.

With the work we do and the culture we inspire, we aim to make a meaningful difference for our clients, our society, and the world we live in.

Born in Zurich

Accent was founded in 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland, by the renowned Swiss designer and brand consultant Edwin Schmidheiny. His aim was to bring together a multidisciplinary international group of experts with global experience and a broader view of branding, uniquely suited to create iconic brands that change perspectives, inspire progress, and move the world forward.





A brand is not so much about what it stands for today, as it is about where it will go next.





Humanity is inherently progressive, constantly evolving and aspiring to improve ourselves, our surroundings, and the world. We strive to live up to this aspiration – to stay curios and open, to explore, to be at the forefront of developments – to be a partner that enables and inspires others to always push the envelope, redefine the possible, and reimagine the future. 

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In today’s fast-changing world, there are just two roles to play – we either bring transformation or we are decoration.






In our agency, we believe in meaningful impact. Neither our clients nor we are inspired by producing more of the same. Our strategies are about new ways of creating possibilities, our design is about the new ways of seeing. We do not just develop brands – we are here to also change perspectives and create new ways of thinking. 

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Leadership is not just what one does, but also what one inspires. 



We look at our actions in the light of what we do to the development of our profession, our society, and us as people. Our surrounding has to be a better place as a result of our work and our behavior. We aim to not only enable and empower, but also to inspire – ourselves and our partners – to get along better with others, to be socially responsible, and to create things that bring people together.

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Thinking Big

Creating brands means thinking beyond oneself. A brand is broader than a business, bigger than a product, and wider than the functional needs it fulfills.



Our work inspires us to stay open and interested in issues beyond what’s-in-it-for-me. We encourage ourselves and our partners to focus on the big picture and important themes, and to explore the possibilities that arise from these conversations. 

Global view

In the global world, there are no local brands. In today’s environment, the expectations are defined by the world’s leading brands – wherever we are, we are measured against the best.



Our agency believes in brands that are universally understood and internationally relevant – setting expectations instead of chasing them. We encourage people to think beyond themselves and to create concepts that are inclusive, universally meaningful, and that break boundaries.

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Creativity needs a safe and joyous environment to flourish. As creatives, in order to thrive, we need people around us who thrive also.



For us, it is important to create a humanistic space where everyone feels accepted, respected, and encouraged to be themselves. We inspire each other and open opportunities for each other. A better world is a kinder world - we aim to contribute by adding to the pool of inspiring ideas, smiling faces, and days that start with joy.

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